Vision // connecting the two worlds

At Leafdot, we love technology. We love it the same way most other technology companies do. We also love our families, our friends - who doesn't? And we love the beauty of nature... and the peace and everything :-). Our vision is to create experiences built around those things, to connect the virtual world of internet with the physical world around us. Our goal is to do so in a friendly and meaningful way, in a way which matters to common people, our customers. Or customers of our customers. Or customers of customers, of our customers... you got it.

Features // powerful but easy to use

When we build things, our main priority is simplicity and user friendliness. Even the most powerful features have very easy to use interface. Our motto is to do more with less. We focus on essential features and exclude unimportant ones, because we believe that less is often better then more. We work hard to hide the technology powering our software to achieve a feeling that it just works

Experience // fast and beautiful

We strive to bridge the gap between technology and the real world by designing friendly software for common people, always doing our best to make technology invisible.
— Petra Soušková, CEO